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What Kyiv needs | 27.09

As any developing city in the world, Kyiv is constantly changing, offering its residents more new restaurants, clubs, shops, services and all kinds of ways to have fun.
But many things common in the west world are still missing here.

Latin street signs

Kyiv is an increasingly popular destination. And average Western Europeans coming here for a week or two can hardly be expected to read Cyrillic. Thus it would be only logical to provide street signs spelled in Latin letters, as well as street signs pointing to popular destinations like Maidan, Lavra, Mariyinsky Palace and Mykhaylivska Square.


Whether you drive a car in Kyiv or not, it's evident that parking in Kyiv is a real mass. Kyiv simply doesn’t have enough space to accommodate cars on the move – or not on the move. Big cars parked in the middle of the sidewalk force you to walk on the road just to get around them. But in the same time, proper parking spaces are not easy to find, especially in the center. Either the driver has to be inventive or leave a car a few kilometers away from his or her destination.

Paid parking is also tricky. The places designated as official parking lots, like parts of Khreshchatyk, Shota Rustaveli Street and Sportyvna Ploshcha (in front of Palats Sportu), don’t always offer easy options for paying. Sometimes there are parking attendants there willing to take your money, though they are often inclined to cheat and may not offer you a ticket unless you request it.

Garbage bins

Sadly, You may walk for blocks with that empty coca-cola bottle in hand before finding a civilized way to get rid of it. 

Low-cost airlines

While budget travel options are widespread all over the world, in Ukraine you can only choose between two low-cost airlines – Wizz Air (wizzair.com) and Windrose (windrose.aero). Regrettably, their list of destinations inside Ukraine is limited and their European destinations are not plentiful.

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