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“New German Movies” festival held in Kyiv cinema Sept. 18-23 | 20.09

Some of the most remarkable recent German movies will be screened at the “New German Movies” festival held in Kyiv cinema Sept. 18-23. The program features six movies made in 2008-9, plus a retrospective of director Alexander Kluge and a collection of modern German animations.

“Whisky Mit Vodka” (Whisky with Vodka) is the new film of Andreas Dresen, the author of the  scandalous “Cloud 9” – a love story of two pensioners. This time the director scrutinizes the role of alcohol in the movie industry through a story of an aging, heavy-drinking film star fighting for a role in a big movie with his younger double. “Diese Nacht” (This Night) is also known under its French name – “Nuit de Chien” (Night of the Dog). This curious circumstance is explained by the fact that the movie is a joint production of Germany, France and Portugal. Director Werner Schroeter tells an anti-utopia story about a group of people trying to run from a  dictatorship government.

“Im Winter ein Jahr” (A Year Ago in Winter) by Caroline Link (“Nowhere in Africa”) features an outstanding performance by Karoline Herfurth, who is best known for her role in the movie “Perfumer.” She plays a promising ballerina who develops a close relationship with the artist for whom she’s posing.  “Krabat” by Marco Kreuzpaintner is a screen version of the latest most popular German children’s book about a 14-year old orphan learning black magic tricks. The film stars David Kross (as Krabat), who appeared alongside Kate Winslet in the Oscar-winning “The Reader” and Daniel Bruhl who portrayed the two-faced Nazi hero in Quentin Tarantino’s “Iglourious Basterds.”

“Palermo Shooting” is the latest feature film by Wim Wenders, the maker of cult movies “Million Dollar Hotel” and “Wings of Desire.” It tells a story of a fashion photographer who meets Death played by Dennis Hopper and decides to dedicate his life to true art.  “Deutschland 09” is made up of 13 shorts made by some of the best German directors – Fatikh Akin, Tom Tykwer, Dani Levy, Sylke Enders and Wolfgang Becker among others, reflecting on various hot topics in Germany. 

The retrospective by Kluge, one of the representatives of the New German Cinema that also features Rainer Wender Fassbinder and Werner Herzog, includes five movies: “Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: Ratlos” (Artists under the Big Top: Perplexed, 1968), “Deutschland in Herbst” (Germany in Autumn, 1978),  “Abschied von Gestern – (Anita G.)” (Yesterday Girl, 1966) and others. 


Kyiv (19 Chevonoarmiyska, 251-2199, www.kievkino.com.ua).  Sept. 18-23. Tickets Hr 20-30

Most movies are shown in the original with simultaneous Ukrainian translation. Alexander Kluge Retrospective is shown in German with Ukrainian subtitles.

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