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 Public Transport 


Single trip in the Kiev Subway in any direction costs 50 kopeck approximately 0.1$. In you plan to use subway on the daily basis it may be convenient to buy monthly ticket which you can use almost unlimited times a day. Such monthly ticket costs 25 hrn. or around 5$.  Relatively new mean of payment for the subway trip is magnetic card. You can buy it for 7 hrn. and fill it up with any amount you wish each time you pass turnstile 50 kopeck are subtracted from your account. If you don’t need it any more you cat take it back and receive your initial  7 hrn.                                                  What is convenient you don’t have to get it out from your bag to pass just move the bag over the reader.  

Scheduled  Trolleybuses, Buses and Trams


                Tickets in  trolleybuses, buses and trams cost 50 kopecks in any direction. Only thing you need to know is that your ticket has to be perforated, other way it will be considered invalid and you can be fined for 10 hrn. 


- The perforator (komposter)

Route Taxi                  There is a developed network of route taxi in Kiev. Their routes cover almost all territory of the Kiev. Cost of ticket varies from 1.00 to 3.00 hr in one end.   Taxi                 There are numerous taxi services in Kiev their prices vary from 0.9 to 2.0 hrn. For one kilometer in the city, and from 2 to 3.5 hrn. for one kilometer off the city limits.

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