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Museum of Water (Water Information Center)

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Museum of Water (Water-information centre)

Water museum is situated in Kreschatiy park, on one of the marvelous hills that stretches along the Dnieper side.

Water museum was opened in 2003 in the reconstructed building of old water-tower which is older than 130 years. Museum exposition is located underground - large aquariums, lift to the dungeon, working model of artesian well, gigantic toilet, sewage collector and fairy grotto with waterfall, thunder-storm, rain and lightning's.

One of the most interesting parts is a room where one can create huge soap bubbles, river bed and touch fairy fishes...
inside of the soap bubble museum of water man on a huge toilet

You'll make a trip to the Nature Above the Earth and learn about water circulation, rivers and lakes, clouds, snow and even puddles. Using a magic lift you'll go into the Nature Below the Earth where you can see what is soil consists of, see how water penetrates from the surface into the Earth and learn how it moves under the ground, learn what is ground water and its age creating bubbles fairy grotto magic fishes

You'll learn how water is running from the river through the water treatment system and how it get back to the river.

The museum is informing people about Earth hydrosphere and water resources of Ukraine , its vulnerability and necessity for life, technologies of making safe for health drinking water in the systems of central water-supply, sewage treatment, and rational water consumption.

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