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Ancient Kiev

Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe with extant architectural and historical remains dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries.
Together with a professional guide/ interpreter you will start your excursion from Old Kiev Hill (Volodimir's Hill), the place where the first settlements were established in 482 A .D. You will visit a replica of the basement of Desyatinnaya Church (10th century), the oldest Christian Church in Ukraine , founded by Prince Volodimir. A splendid specimen of the architecture of the 11th century is Sophia Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that has survived despite the Tatar-Mongol invasion and all following wars. You will be awed by the beauty and age of the mosaics and frescos from the 11th century that grace the interior of the Cathedral. You will visit the famous Golden Gates, the main ceremonial entrance to the ancient city located a short and beautiful walk from St. Sophia's Cathedral. The Gates were demolished by the conquering Mongols in 1240 and subsequently rebuilt. This beautiful and mighty construction inspired the famous composer Musorgsky to compose his musical composition "Pictures from the Exhibition". Walking through Sophiiska and Mykhailivska Squares you will continue on to Kiev 's famous Andriivskyi Uzviz (Descent) visiting St. Andrew's Church with its unique Ukrainian baroque architecture and stunning location, all the way down to historic Podil. The tour ranges from 2-4 hours depending on the interests of the group.

National Kiev-Pechersk Cave Monastery Historical and Cultural Reserve

Our full day tour will take you fist to the National Kiev-Pechersk Cave 's Monastery Historical and Cultural Reserve. The monastery was established in the mid-11thcentury A.D. It is one of the most ancient monasteries of Eastern Slavonic states. During this tour you will visit underground labyrinths of caves with mummies of monks, the Museum of Treasures displaying the rich Scythian Gold collection that is up to 5,000 years old and a collection of Judaic ritual silver objects from the 18th-20th centuries in the Museum of Micro-miniature . The monastery is located on picturesque hills and from the top of the Bell Tower you will delight in the view over the golden-domed monastery complex and the marvelous banks of Dnipro river.
Tour without museums includes panoramic tour of the Kiev Pechersk Monastary and Caves.
Tour with museums includes the panoramic tour of the Kiev Pechersk Monastary and Caves as well as the Museum of Treasures , Museum of Microminiature and the Bell Tower .

Saint Sophia Cathedral

St. Sophia's Cathedral (1037) is the most vivid example of Old Rus architecture and monumental art. The cathedral was built and decorated during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise when the state of Kyiv Rus was at the peak of its prosperity. Here grand princes were crowned and buried, formal ceremonies and receptions of envoys were held, the first known library in ancient Rus and the first school for boys and girls were founded. The Cathedral was the seat of the Kiev Metropolitan. The interior has survived from the 11th century and there have been practically no alterations. Mosaics and frescos of the 11th century, executed with a unique technology that depicts Scriptural scenes, individual figures of Church Fathers, Apostles, warriors and maidens, are of a great cultural and artistic value.

Pirogovo Folk Architecture and Life Museum

Pirogovo is a national museum that preserves the culture of the Ukrainian people. Three hundred ancient rural huts, collected from all over Ukraine can be seen in Pirogovo. The majority of them were moved to the museum and then reconstructed. Huts, wooden churches, water and wind mills, also clothes and kitchen utensils dating back to the early 17th century and up through the 20th century give every visitor a realistic impression of traveling in time.

The museum of the Second World War

The museum was founded in 1973. The complex combines the Museum building and the Motherland statue ( 62 meters high), a gallery of sculpture commemorating the heroes of the battlefields, the Glory Cup ( 16 m diameter), and an exhibition of arms from World War II. The main display is located in a 5.000 square meter sapce and includes more than 12,000 relics. Numerous exhibits containing documents from military commanders and soldiers, including orders, medals and letters, and documentary evidence from war witnesses, all pertaining to the occupation and subsequent liberation of Kiev and Ukraine present a fascinating glimpse into this pivotal time in Ukrainian history.

State Aviation Museum

The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine was opened in autumn of 2003. It is situated in a nice Kiev suburb near Zhulyany city airport. Its exposition covers over 0.2 sq. km. More than 50 planes and helicopters are on display here. They were flown by the USSR and Ukrainian Air Forces or in civil aviation.
The collection contains Tu-22 “Backfire” strategic bombers, the world's largest Mi-26 helicopter, the world's fastest combat intelligence aircraft MiG-25, flying three times the speed of sound and the super-large wide-body Il-86 airbus.
Visitors may sit in the cockpits of jet airliners and combat helicopters to “handle” them and feel for themselves the thrill of being a pilot flying a transcontinental airliner or combat helicopter!

Babiy Yar Memorial

"Babiy Yar" must be the most sorrowful place in Kiev . To perpetuate the memory of those killed, mainly Jews, in 1941, 29-30 September, 2 monuments were erected: one of them is soviet, the other, erected in 1991, commemorates the memory of 33,770 executed Jews. A large Peace Centre has opened at Babiy Yar that is unique in the World.

Chernobyl Catastrophe Museum

This Museum tells the story of the world's largest and worst radio-ecological disaster, a nuclear catastrophe at the Chernobyl Nuclear power station , the liquidation and consequences of the disaster and the post-Chernobyl ecological situation in Ukraine .
More than 7,000 exhibits are displayed in 5 large halls containing once-secret documents, maps, photos, personal belongings, and housekeeping items from the rural life of the Chernobyl region. Many exhibits are exposed for the first time and they help to realize the planetary measures of Chernobyl 's disaster. The exposition is equipped with all modern technical audio/visual aides and research facilities Documentary films are shown.

National Art Museum

The collection was started by the Kiev Association of Antiquities and Fine Arts Lovers in the late 19th century. The collection has more than 73,000 works of art. There are fabrics, tapestries, embroideries, pottery, wood carvings, decorative glass, porcelain and glazed pottery, and the world famous Ukrainian "pysanky" (Easter eggs).

Bulgakov Museum

The Bulgakov Museum was inaugurated in 1991 in a building constructed from the 18th century design of M. Gardenin. In this very building the famous Russian and Ukrainian writer M. Bulgakov lived (with intervals). Here, in this house, Bulgakov "settled" the characters of his novel "The White Guard" and his play "Days of Turbins".

The most significant places in Kyiv are:

Voldymyr Cathedral    Mihailovskiy Cathedral
 Pecherska Lavra    St.Sophia Cathedral

Please, feel free to contact our company by the following phone number or via e-mail.

Our company will design the tours that meet Your needs.

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