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Communication in Kiev

Post Office

Every town in Ukraine has a developed network of post-offices. The main post-office is usually located in the central part of the city and offers nearly all existing types of communication services. The Kyiv Central Post Office is at 22 Khreschatyk vul. and works from 8 am till 9 pm on Monday through Saturday and from 9 am till 7 pm on Sunday. Here you can buy stamps, post cards, use fax machines, send letters or packages, and make international calls. If you have any questions, call the Central Post Office information service at 065 or 228-1793.



For calls around Kyiv, you can use public telephones located all over the city. You need a phone card which you can buy at any post office. Long distance phone services in Ukraine are operated by Utel (Ukrainian Telecomunications). The rates for calls to Europe are about $0.60-1.50 per minute. Calls to the United States are about $2.00 per minute (see Utel guide to telephone services).


Mobile communication providers

Mobile communication of GSM 900/1800 standart is provided by:







Mobile communication of 3G standart is provided by PeopleNet and Utel





Please pay attention to the fact that telephones of  850-900 Mhz frequency can't be used in Ukraine!

Wi-Fi Places

Cafe "Book Cafe Baboon"
Adress:39 Bogdana Khelnitskogo st., Kyiv
Name:Cafe "Antresol"
Adress:2 Tarasa Schevchenko av., Kyiv
Name:Cafe "Kvartira Baboon"
Adress:1/2 Horivaya st., Kyiv
Name:Pena restaurant
Adress:30/18 Yaroslavov Val st., Kyiv 
Name:Nobu restaurant
Adress:12 Shota Roustaveli st., Kyiv 
Name:Karavan restaurant
Adress:10 Klovskiy Spusk, Kyiv 
Name:Varenichnaya N1
Adress:28 Esplanadnaya st., Kyiv 
Name:Cubic center (conference hall)
Adress:3 Sholudenko st., Kyiv
Name:Panorama restaurant
Adress:5th floor, 3 Sholudenko st., Kyiv 
Name:Coffee Smile cafe
Adress:19 Shota Roustaveli st., Kyiv 
Name:Bowling-club "Strike"
Adress:84 Peremohy ave., Kyiv 
Name:Lisova pisnia restaurant
Adress:30/10 Bohdana Hmelnitskogo st., Kyiv
Name:D.A. Semadeni restaurant
Adress:68 Chervonoarmiyska, Kyiv 
Name:Night-club "MAXIMYM"
Adress:12/37 Dekabristov, Kyiv 
Name:Monte Carlo cafe
Adress:89 Goloseevsky ave., Kyiv
Name:Jepsen (Pilot) cafe bar
Adress:8 Livovskaya square, Kyiv
Name:Fast-Food "Le Borsch"
Adress:22 Mihaylovskaya st., Kyiv
Name:Cafe "Bufet #1"
Adress:New Way, Presents Gallery

For more info about how to setup and how to use wireless network Wi-Fi in the public places of Kyiv, please visit this site:

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