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National Kiev-Pechersk Cave Monastery


National Kiev-Pechersk Cave Monastery Historical and Cultural Reserve

Our full day tour will take you fist to the National Kiev-Pechersk Cave’s MonasteryHistorical and Cultural Reserve. The monastery was established in the mid-11thcentury A.D. It is one of the most ancient monasteries  of Eastern Slavonic states.

National Kiev-Pechersk Cave Monastery

During this tour you will visit underground labyrinths of caves with mummies of monks, the Museum of Treasures displaying the rich Scythian Gold collectionthat is up to 5,000 years old and a collection of Judaic ritual silver objects from the 18th-20th centuries in the  Museum of Micro-miniature.

The monastery is located on  picturesque hills and from the top of the Bell Toweryou will  delight in the view over the golden-domed monastery complex and the marvelous banks of Dnipro river. Успенский собор на фоне Большой Лаврской колокольни
Киево-Печерская Лавра осенью


Tour without museums includes panoramic tour of the Kiev Pechersk Monastary  and Caves.
Tour with museums includes the panoramic tour of the Kiev Pechersk Monastary  and Caves as well as the  Museum of Treasures, Museum of Microminiature and the Bell Tower.

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