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Kayak Tour of Dnipro River

Kayak Tour of Desna and Dnipro Rivers (Kiev)

If you want to book Kayak Tour, please send a request by e-mail: or

Call +38(044)451-61-71 +38(067)463-46-03 and we will contact you.

You can join others on: July 23th and 30th

Каяк Тур в Киеве


Enjoy a real adventure with unforgettable views of nature and the city of Kiev. We provide everything you need, starting with modern single and double kayaks supervised by expert boatmen and guides. This is truly a unique way to see the capital of Ukraine.
The route is designed for visitors of any age and level of experience. Children under 16 may participate if accompanied by an adult.  The kayak route is full of natural beauty, from the Kiev islands to historic monuments.
Safety and service are paramount to our tour. Our professional guides and instructors have many years of experience and are certified by the Federation of Sport Tourism in Ukraine. Priority number one is your comfort and safety. In addition to our expert instructors we maintain the best-equipped rescue equipment carried by motor boat that provides all technical support.

We will kayak the Desna and Dripro rivers, stopping a beautiful islands for hiking, resting, volleyball or other sports. We’ll proceed down the Dnipro past the ancient city center with magnificent views of the Perchersk Monastary, historical monuments and the blend of old and new architectural styles that make up the modern skyline of Kiev.
The Kayak Tour is available for small and large groups.

The basic itinerary is as follows:
10-00 Meeting of the group with the main instructor at the Park of Friendship of Peoples.
10-10 Coaching, warm-up, preparing to travel.
10-20 Departure
11-10 Stop 1 on the island Dolobetsky. Rest, drinks, games.
11-40 Departure.
12-40 Stop 2 on the arrow and the Dnieper Desenko - beach «Youth», inspection of beauty, excursion lecture.
13-00 Departure.
14-00 Stop 3 on the island of Little. Relax, swim, fire, games.
14-30 Lunch at the campfire (Ukrainian shaslik/barbeque, side dishes, vegetables, wine and soft drinks).
16-00 Crossing the tourists from the island on the Dnipro River Small embankment in the area of Prospect Tychiny.
16-30 Farewell to instructors and our team near the bus. Transportation to the metro stop named People's Friendship.

Пикник во время Каяк Тура

Tour Cost, all inclusive: $95 per person.
The price includes:
• food
• travel by bus from the river
• kayaks and all necessary gear
• All service equipment: tents, cooking and eating utensils, camp fire equipment, etc.
• Instructor and Guide services
• First aid kit
• Repair set
• Insurance

Каяк Тур

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