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Mariinskyi palace


Mariinskyi palace


Grushevskogo str., 5a

Mariinskyi palace is located in the center of Kyiv, near the subway station «Arsenal». To get to it you have to go right (after you get out from the subway) and go down the Grushevskogo str. Palace is located right over the park, which is also named as “Mariinskyi”



This place is worth visiting:
1) Because the palace will impress you with its dainty appearance.
2) Because  the project of the palace was made by outstanding baroque architect – Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who was famous for his palatial architecture
3) Because  it was build more than 250 years ago
4) Because  moving to the palace you will be enjoyed with walking in a park, which is located near the palace
5) Because  the palace is also a venue for the Presidents meeting with visitants
6) Because  there is a wonderful observation point near the palace, from which you can see the Dniper and Kyiv’s left bank
7) Because if you are so lucky to get for the guided tour inside the palace you will see unique interiors
8) Because the palace is located near the house of Verhovna Rada – the Parliament of Ukraine.
9) Because  there is “The Bridge of loving couples” near the palace, which has to be visited by every loving couple
10) Because there is an outdoor show stage where open-air concerts take place – you have a chance to visit one of them
4) Mariinskyi palace was built for the empress Elisabeth in 18th century by an outstanding architect – Bartolomeo Rasrelli, who also Planned Winter Palace in St- Petersburg. This palace was occupied by different people – imperators and empresses, field marshals and commanders. Everyone liked the palace. Winding avenues of the nearby park make this place very cosy and appropriate for the rest.  
     Mariinskyi palace is located in historical picturesque surroundings located between Hreshchatik and Pechersk. This territory is hilly – that’s why the palace is built on a hill, from which you can see the Dniper and Kyiv’s left bank. It was built in the period between 1750 and 1755. The project was made by an outstanding architect – Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also planned a st. Andrew’s church on Podil, Winter palace iin St-Petersburg. Rastrelli was favourite Elisabeth’s architect. He planned this palace exactly on her order. She chosen the place for the building independently by herself during one of her visits to Kyiv. Building of this palace was managed by prominent Russian architect I. Michurin. The group of experts in architecture worked under his direction.
     The place for the palace was chosen very successfully – it stays on a way from Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra to the Podil, from spiritual to the economical centre of Kyiv. The architecture of the palace impresses with it’s rich outside design – picturesque barriers of the balconies and parapets, ornamental pattern, moulding. The palace is decorated with nice-looking colors – white and turquoise. This design makes the palace very pompous. Also it is built strictly symmetric – from the height of bird flight it reminds the cyrillic letter «Ï». The central two-storey corps and two lateral one-story wings was built at the beginning. The second floor, which was made of wood, was reserved for housings rooms, first floor – for servants. Despite the fact that building of the palace continued till 1755, the decorating works inside it continued till 1760. The architect, who planned the interior was S. Karin. There you could see luxury parquet, silk on the walls.
     Unfortunately, empress Elisabeth didn’t visit her residence being completed – she died in 1761. During the next year residence changed lots of occupants. There lived emperor Petro with his wife Maria; Katherine II, during her trip to Tavrida; Alexander the II and empress Maria; the last person from emperors surroundings who lived in the palace was empress Maria, the wife of Alexander the III.
     Katherine II began reconstructions and renews of the palace. Luxury furniture and masterpieces from Moscow were brought before her visit to Kyiv. During her visit she organized different carnivals, performances, balls and masquerades. Performances for the Kyiv aristocracy were shown there even after her going back to Moscow. In the next years the palace was the place for higher administrators of the Russian Empire. Also during the 1812th war here was a infirmary for captived saxons. After that Mikola Rajeskyi, the next palace occupant, renewed it again.
Despite the careful keeping of the palace it was damaged with two fires – at 1812 and at 1819. Reconstruction started at 1843 by joint stock company of mineral waters. After it palace was used as hydropathic establishment for some time.
     The next reconstruction was made by Karl Majevskyi for the emperor Alexander II’s visit to Kyiv. This architect also take part in building st. Volodimir’s church. He changed palace structure a lot – interior design was made in late classicism style, the base floor was made for servants, the big dancing hall was built on a second floor between emperor’s bedrooms. Wings weren’t changed and were left in baroque style. The color stylistic in Rastrelli’s style was renewed – from outside palace was covered with white and turquoise colors.
     After this huge reconstruction palace was visited by many visitors, such as wife of Alexander II – empress Maria. The palace was named after her. Also there stayed Alexander III’s wife, empress, whose name also was Maria. After the Revolution palace was reserved for many different functions: here located USSR’s and other government’s administrations. During this period lots of furniture was lost. Also during the Second World War the palace was seriously damaged. So only in the first years after the war it was renewed again. Later in 1980-1982 the reconstruction was finished. This was the work of such architects as Ivanenko, Shkliar and Glibchenko. So now the palace looks as it was in 1870. 
     Mariinskyi palace is one of the best historical landmarks of architecture, which beautifies Kyiv. Till now it’s very important in country’s life, because it is an important venue for the President’s meetings with visitors.

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